Digital Home Assistance

Digital Home Assistance

Currently, NexterCare’s goal is to cover the entire ever-evolving digital home care market.


The market

The Digital Home Assistance market is vast, just remember that in Italy the population over 65 is over 13 million, that is over 22% of the total population. Also in the other EU states the percentage of citizens over 65 ranges from 15% to 20% of the total.


The Importance

As a reference to the social but also economic importance of this project, just think that in the PNRR, with regard to MISSION 6: HEALTH
among the general objectives is the need to “Develop advanced telemedicine solutions to support home care”.



In the areas of the planned interventions, it is made clear that investment 1.2: Home as the first place for care and telemedicine is attributed a total of 4.00 billion euros, of which 1.00 billion euros specifically for telemedicine.

Istat: “less and less home care and more and more hospital emigration

In recent years, in the absence of such tools for home electronic control, hospitalization has increasingly been opted for, meeting the needs of the weakest, we at NexterCare want to avoid this.