Our Software AppCare for Mobile

The data communications between the EC-01 wearable device and the associated standard smartphone take place via Bluetooth wireless, the monitoring area in which it operates is therefore within a PAN (Personal Area Network) of wireless communications in Bluetooth BLE that does head to the smartphone associated with both Android and iOS systems.


SW multi-language App

Through the SW multi-language App for smartphone, it is possible to manage functionalities such as remote control and mobile data or wi-fi communications. The SmartERcare system is compatible, based on open standards and is able to exchange informations o services with other systems.

Open Source

This Telemedicine system is based on open source software that will allow an innovative contribution to the National Health care system.

Data collection

The provided data collected will be available to an Electronic Health Record allowing to provide in an efficient and sustainable way a contribute to one of the objectives from the: Agenda 2030: Health and Wellness, which has the goal of guaranteeing a healthy lifestyle and to promote wellness of all ages.