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Your Health in
Your Hand

Your health and the health of your loved ones in your hand, light, simple and super powerful, are you ready to join the NexterCare world?

Nextercare App health always with you

A new way to save and share data at your fingertips! All in the Family and all designed to answer the question "How are you?"

Technology serving people

For us, listening is an essential part we relationships. Listening is an act to address ourselves and others, especially our loved ones! With NexterCare App we want to break down distances and help you to listen. It no longer matters whether you are separated by continents or a corridor, it always brings you listen and be heard in real time.

To understand who you are you must remember who you were! That's why you will find a place to upload everything you remember. We care about all of you and that's why we put safety first! With NexterCare App you keep track of your health and we keep it safe.

Share the data within your family so you can stay up-to-date on the health status of your loved ones. Relatives, friends or doctors, you choose what data they can see. NexterCare App is designed to have everything at your fingertips!

Strengths of Nextercare App

The application will help people keep track of many parameters to allow prevention and help doctors to understand the issues related to diseases

  • Track physical & mood pains
  • Air quality control
  • Booking doctor appointments
  • Medicine reminder management
  • Biometric tracking
  • Daily mood management

Doctor's portal to be closer to their patients

Every Doctor will be closer to all his patients! From managing appointments to monitoring patients' biometric or environmental parameters, all wrapped up in a powerful and easy-to-use tool.

Within the portal, patients can be organized into different groups, such as different offices, different medical departments...and in the Appointments section, people can reserve their place in line directly from home.

With seamless integration with NexterCare App, it is possible to have all patients' data up-to-date and in order at all times. Customizable graphics are available to display all data. Analysis services on the collected data will also be available.

Strengths of Doctor's Portal

Through the portal, the doctor will be able to analyze all the data collected from his patient, in this way he will have a more correct analysis over time

  • Long-term data analysis
  • Holistic view of data
  • Medicines management system
  • Automatic appointment booking

The latest technologies available in our Smartercare Project for

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